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Hello Dear one,

  • Have you just been told that your child has special needs? Not sure what to do next?
  • Are you constantly being called into school due to your child's behaviour?
  • Is your child over 2 years and is not yet speaking?
  • Is your child having difficulties relating to you and others?
  • Does you child have difficulties with reading and writing?
  • Are you having trouble getting help and support?
  • Perhaps it's a minor developmental disability. It may even be a learning disability, or a medical diagnosis that will affect your child's development for a lifetime. Maybe you are already aware that your child has a special need, but you don't know what he or she needs and you don't know how to get it.

This can be a very confusing time. You have been told to see various specialists but you don't know why. You may have conflicting evaluation reports or confusing medical diagnoses. Maybe your child is already receiving services from various professionals, or is getting special education services and support from school, but you worry that it isn't enough.
You want more for your child, but you don't know where to start.? Are you having trouble getting help and support?

Call us and we can help, you are not alone.


Eva has been involved in Special Educational Needs for over 26 years as a director and head teacher of Acorn Special Tutorials a leading and specialized programme for persons with special needs in Kenya.  During this time she has given valuable support and advice to children and their families, as well as in educational and medical settings. 

Eva, together with a group of other professionals founded the only special needs body in Kenya, Special Education Professionals. http://www.sepkenya.com  and was the Chairperson for five years. S.E.P is today an authority body in the field of special education and related services.

She was involved in the setting up of the Child Development Center at Gertrude's Children's Hospital Nairobi, Therapies for Kids Kenya and Spalding Trust in Mombasa.
Due to great misunderstandings which lead to misdiagnosis in Autism, Eva realized the need and set up the National Autistic Center – Kenya, a professional non-governmental organization where the focus was to train and empower professionals working with persons with autism.

She therefore has a vast network of professionals in the field of special needs education and is aware of the best professionals and services available for the unique needs of our special children. She is currently the only trained Auditory Integration Training Practitioner (AIT) within the region. www.aitinstitute.org. She has recently completed her Masters of Science in Education with emphasis in Special Needs Education from Walden University MN. USA. 

Eva is involved in consulting with different organizations in an advisory role of setting up programs for persons with special needs and working on policy papers in regards to early identification, early intervention and inclusive education.

She is the current chairperson for the Kenya Private Schools Association Special Needs Education sub committee. 

Her book entitled "An Introduction to teaching students with special needs" A guide for teachers. has just recently been published and is available upon request. Eva is married and has five children ranging from the ages of 4 to 25 years.

We provide the following services:

  • Auditory Integration Training (AIT) www.aitinstitue.org 
  • Educational assessments and evaluations
  • Vocational Training for persons with special needs
  • Creating and implementing individualized educational and therapeutic programmes for both home and school.
  • Individualized special needs educational training on 1:1 basis
  • Play and intensive interaction to enhance communication
  • Referrals and appropriate school placements
  • Multidisplinary Team management
  • Training in the area of special needs for parents, care givers and professional bodies and institutions.
  • Certificate and Diploma Training in Special Needs Education
  • Advisory role in establishing programs for persons with special needs.
  • Consultancy in issues pertaining to special needs education.


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A Guide for teachers in Special Education

T his book has identified 12 exceptional areas of students with special needs that can be found in the mainstream schools. It begins with an introduction to what special needs are and terms to use and avoid.

Exceptional needs areas include

  • Gifted and Talented
  • Intellectual Impairments
  • Specific Learning difficulties
  • Communication Disorders
  • • Hearing, Visual loss & More

This book can be used by both the teachers and the parents as it is easy to read and understand. It has illustrations and pictures to aid further understanding of the conditions and discussion questions for group interaction. The book is informative and enjoyable to read.

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