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  • What is the Fee Structure like?

    These will be dependant on the individualized educational and therapeutic programmes of the students. However, fees are affordable.
  • What are your entry requirements into Acorn?

    The child will under go a mulitidisplinary assessment that comprises of the therapists, special needs teacher, any other professional deemed necessary. Thereafter, a decision is made together with the parents on wether Acorn is the best placement for the child or they can be reffered to most appropriate programme that will best meet their needs.
  • How long does a child need to be in Acorn?

    It really depends on the nature of the child's special needs and what is required in regards to the intervention. The intervention constitutes therapies i.e. occupational, physio therapy, speech and language therapy, academic, and activities of independent living skills.
  • After mainstreaming is Acorn still involved in the students’ transition?

    Yes, integrating our students is a process and we are in the picture until such time that all parties involved are comfortable with our withdrawal. We however wean ourselves very gradually from the programme our student has been mainstreamed into.
  • What Interventions do you use in Acorn?

    Once a child has been assessed by the multidisplinary team, an individualized intervention program is put into place. This programme will be based on the child's strengths and weakness based on a developmental profile. Interventions currently used at Acorn include: Occupational Therapy Physiotherapy Sensory Intergration Speech and Language Therapy Dietary intervetions Auditory Intergration Training (AIT) Behaviour Modification All of the above can be found in both the Nairobi and Mombasa Branches.
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Services offered at Acorn

1. Assessments and evaluations
2. Auditory Integration Training (AIT)
3. School Readiness program
4. Remedial Intervention
5. Vocational Training 
6. Residential program 
7. Social and Independent life skills
8. Lots of extracurricular activities
9. Professional development, in service teacher training, workshops and seminars
10. Parents empowerment workshops and seminars

Professional associations 

 Home of Therapy 
 Helping Hands School Naivasha
 Oloolua Special Needs Center
 Special Education Professionals
 Dar es Salaam Independent School Tanzania
 Karen Surgery
 Autism Alliance
 Down Syndrome Society – Kenya
 National Autistic Center – Kenya
 Cerebral Palsy Society – Kenya
 Autism Awareness Kenya

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