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    Mon - Fri 08.30 - 17.00

About Us

Our Philosophy

We believe that each and every child has the potential to excel to their fullest potential. At Acorn we incorporate a multidisciplinary team of experts in achieving our stated objectives on an individual basis. We believe that parents have an integral roll in their children’s growth and development and a lot of emphasis is placed on empowering and involving families in our program.

We also believe in creating a conducive environment that will stimulate independent learning through play and discovery. The residence facility is in a beautiful compound where the students are able to develop their social and independent skills by participating in all the boarding activities and responsibilities. Emphasis is placed on extracurricular activities that nurture our students’ gifts and talents and at the end of each term they are able to showcase their skills through a concert, sports, art display and swimming gala.

At Acorn we believe that all students can be successfully included in the mainstream schools hence our aggressive drive in offering professional development and a diploma course in special needs education. It is with “unconditional love” that we are then able to nurture our little acorn seedlings into great and mighty oak trees.

Services offered at Acorn

1. Assessments and evaluations
2. Auditory Integration Training (AIT)
3. School Readiness program
4. Remedial Intervention
5. Vocational Training 
6. Residential program 
7. Social and Independent life skills
8. Lots of extracurricular activities
9. Professional development, in service teacher training, workshops and seminars
10. Parents empowerment workshops and seminars

Professional associations 

 Home of Therapy 
 Helping Hands School Naivasha
 Oloolua Special Needs Center
 Special Education Professionals
 Dar es Salaam Independent School Tanzania
 Karen Surgery
 Autism Alliance
 Down Syndrome Society – Kenya
 National Autistic Center – Kenya
 Cerebral Palsy Society – Kenya
 Autism Awareness Kenya