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Acorn teacher training diploma course

Special Education Needs Training towards Inclusion.....

Course Content

Term 1      September

1. Introduction to Special Needs Education

2. Philosophy of Education / Acorn Philosophy

3. Child development

4. Psycho social aspects of Disability

5. Computer skills / Communication Skills (Skill acquisition for teachers)


December 2 weeks full time

·         Ministry / Religion and Disabilities

·         Inclusive Education Theories and practices


Term 2    January

1. Early Childhood Education / Acorn Practices

2. Intellectual Impairments

3. Gifted and Talented

4. Introduction to Educational Psychology

5. Music /Sports ( Skills acquisition for teachers)

April 2 weeks full time 

·         Infants at Risk

·         Learning Difficulties


Term 3   May

1. Hearing Impairment / Sign Language

2. Communication Disorders

3. Autism

4. First Aid

5. ICT and Special Needs


August 2 weeks 

·         Research / Ethics

·         Assessment of students with special needs


Term 4   September

1. Visual Impairments / Braille


3. Emotional / Behavioural Disorders

4. Computer and Special Needs

5. Remedial techniques and instructional materials for learning


December 2 weeks 

·         Curriculum Development

·         Business and School Administration


Term 5    January

1. Vocational Training / Adults with Special Needs

2. Therapy / Extracurricular activities

3. Physical Impairments

4. Severe and multiple impairments

5. Deafblind


April 2 weeks

·         Guidance and counselling

·         Advocacy / Human rights and Disability


Term 6 May

Techers Practicum


July August 



Fees per semester

Term 1 – 5        Kshs 35,000

Term 6               Kshs 20,000


Graduation fees to be announced

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