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Special Education Needs Training towards Inclusion.....

Course Content

Term 1      

1. Introduction to Special Needs Education

2. Philosophy of Education / Acorn Philosophy

3. Child development

4. Psycho social aspects of Disability

5. Computer skills / Communication Skills (Skill acquisition for teachers)


 2 weeks full time

·         Ministry / Religion and Disabilities

·         Inclusive Education Theories and practices


Term 2   

1. Early Childhood Education / Acorn Practices

2. Intellectual Impairments

3. Gifted and Talented

4. Introduction to Educational Psychology

5. Music /Sports ( Skills acquisition for teachers)


2 weeks full time 

·         Infants at Risk

·         Learning Difficulties


Term 3  

1. Hearing Impairment / Sign Language

2. Communication Disorders

3. Autism

4. First Aid

5. ICT and Special Needs


 2 weeks 

·         Research / Ethics

·         Assessment of students with special needs


Term 4  

1. Visual Impairments / Braille


3. Emotional / Behavioural Disorders

4. Computer and Special Needs

5. Remedial techniques and instructional materials for learning

  2 weeks 

·         Curriculum Development

·         Business and School Administration


 Term 5

1. Vocational Training / Adults with Special Needs

2. Therapy / Extracurricular activities

3. Physical Impairments

4. Severe and multiple impairments

5. Deafblind


 2 weeks

·         Guidance and counselling

·         Advocacy / Human rights and Disability


Term 6

Techers Practicum





Fees per semester

Term 1 – 5        Kshs 40,000

Term 6               Kshs 20,000


Graduation fees to be announced

Charity Mbogho, in her 30s, remembers quite vividly the day her son, 10-year-old Luke, was born. His foetal heartbeat could not be found and Charity had to undergo an emergency caesarean section. The news made her blood pressure shoot up, and the operation was halted until she stabilised. Later, after a successful operation, a nurse told her, “‘Your son was so peaceful, he didn’t even cry’.”

As his first year passed, Charity waited for Luke to hit his milestones – sitting up, walking – on time. But he didn’t.

Puzzled, she took him to a doctor who told her to be patient because “it is normal for the first child to develop slowly, especially boys.” Not satisfied, Charity shared her concerns with another doctor who decided to conduct a CT scan.

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