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Training Programme

Facilitating Optimal Skills for Children with Autism by Empowering Parents, Teachers, Therapists and Care givers

The purpose of the training is to empower parents of children with Autism. This will be done by increasing their understanding of the diagnosis, its impact on the function of their child, identifying challenges and strengths and developing home-made intervention strategies.
We will seek to dispel the myths and traditional beliefs (witchcraft, curse etc) and inaccurate information propagated to parents by providing accurate factual information supported by current research.

The proposed training will also focus on enhancing the Teachers/ Caregivers understanding of Autism and its impact on the functioning of the child, develop strategies to address challenges thus enabling them to reach their maximum potential.

The training will be conducted over 2 days, and at the end of it, each participant will have a better understanding of the unique outlook of their child / student, and develop an individual profile of their child / student based on their presentation.

The sessions will be interactive, and each participant will be encouraged to share their experiences and learn from each other

Training Details
Course Aim: The course is aimed at:
• Empowering parents/teachers/caregivers by enhancing their understanding of Autism, and how it impacts their child
• Celebrating the Parent : The expert in their child’s life
• Facilitate better comprehension of the medical/sensory “jargon”, (Sensory Processing Difficulties) and how to interpret sensory signals
• Create an individual sensory profile of your child / Student and develop Sensory Processing strategies within the home/school environment
• How to support your child /student achieve their optimal level of function and enjoy life
• Integration of child with Autism in the family/community/school
• Create an opportunity for parents / teachers and therapist  to share experiences and develop social support structures (friendship)

The Training will aim to reach parents, teachers, therapists and caregivers of children with Autism and Sensory Processing Disorders

Mode of Presentation
The sessions are presented in simplified and non-professional language, using an informal and interactive delivery version.
We incorporate practical demonstration of intervention techniques and training videos.
The participants will be provided with an activity workbook, and throughout the training, each participant will be expected to chart the presentation of their child /student, such as whether they are hyperactive, oral/audio hyper/hypo sensitivity etc.
After presentation of each sensory component such as auditory, oral, the participants will be given an opportunity to chart out the symptoms that match their child /student.  Following the generic discussion on how to address common challenges, the participants will be encouraged to think of strategies that are applicable to their own home / school.

Specific Topics covered include:

• Understanding Autism
• Celebrating the Parent as an expert in their child’s life
• OT/Parent/Teacher partnership
• Facilitating optimal level of Independence: Helping my child be “all that he/she can be”
• Identifying your child’s strengths and amplifying them
• The Future today: Helping your child develop skills for the future
• What is Sensory Processing Disorder in Autism? How does it Impact on function?
• Sensory lifestyle: Incorporating sensory integration in family/classroom lifestyle
• Diet/ Metabolic disorders how it impacts on some children with autism

Behaviour Challenges in Autism

• Is it Sensory or behaviour?
• Understanding fight or flight
• Regulation (Dysregulation, self-regulation, co-regulation)
• Sensory anchors/ stimming
• Is it related to the diet?
• Intervention strategies